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Airbrush AB 130 & Compressor TC-100K

Include one set airbrush AB 130 and one set compressor TC100 with hose

Airbrush AB 130

Dual action 

Adjustable needle

changeable needle and nuzzle 0.2 / 0.5 mm (optional )

Compressor TC-100

Oil less

Low noise

Single cylinder

Auto start/stop

Adjustable air pressure

Over heat protection

This set include one set Airbrush AB 130 and one set compressor TC 100 with hose .

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Airbrush & Compressor TC 100 K

This set include one set Airbrush AB 130 and one set compressor TC 100 with hose , this airbrush is gravity feeding and  suitable for precision and professional painting job, metal body and chrome plating.default nuzzle and needle is 0.3 mm but depend on the painting job , user could change needle and nuzzle by 0.2 /0.5 mm (optional parts ) , airbrush for adjust the needle equipped by a screw in end of the body ,  its perfect for long usage , precision and  general painting .

The TC 100 compressor is one of the smallest and light single cylinder compressor with all ability of a big compressor , oil less , auto stop and start  , its special compact and light weight  compressor .  powerful but light weight for portability . mostly for beauty activity as nail painting and precision make up .adjustable air pressure , convenient airbrush holder. Its very compact and small compressor and take minimum place in table or work shop ,for beauty activity , make up , nail painting its good choice  .this is high quality  airbrush compressor with inside heat switch ( when compressor will be over heat ) it turn off the compressor for prevent of damage to main motor plus the compressor have pressure switch , it mean when user push the airbrush trigger , compressor start and when user release it , it turn it off .compressor is oil less so the exit air quality is more and for cooker and cake designer its good attribute and because of special lactic piston ring it work with low noise .

flexible air hose and AC adapter cable and works worldwide with an international adapter ( voltage range 100 ~ 250 V 50~60 Hz ).

Airbrush AB 130

 Model No.
AB 130
    Cup capacity :
15 cc
     Nuzzle size :
0,3 mm (default ) accept 0.2/0.5 mm (optional )
  Needle size :
0.3 mm (default ) accept 0.2/0.5 mm (optional )
  feeding :
    Adjustment :
needle adjustment by screw


nuzzle wrench
plastic dropper
 Dimension :
200x80x15 mm
 Weight :
150 gr
   Working pressure :
15-50 PSI

Compressor TC 100

 Model No.
TC 100
   Auto stat  :
10 PSI
 Auto stop  :
15 PSI
  Air flow :
10 ~ 13 L per M
   Speed  :
2900 ~ 3400 rpm
1/8 hp
 Voltage :
12 V DC ,08 A - AC adapter 100~250 V -50 ~60 Hz
   Dimension  :
120x120x85 mm
   Weight :
0.7 kg
   Max pressure  :
15 PSI
   Motor :
single cylinder


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